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It's a Beautiful Morning ...

here in Louisville, Kentucky.  I had to get up at 4:00 AM today to take my wife to the airport for a junket to Las Vegas.  She is going with a girlfriend, and I get to say home with the dogs.  I just hope she doesn't empty the bank account ...

Anyway, since I can't really go back to bed, I thought I'd write a "Good Morning" post.  There is lots of news to discuss.

First off, UK has a new walk-on , and he is Kerry Benson from Pleasure Ridge Park high school here in Louisville. also has coverage.  Thanks to ASOB commenter Boobs for bringing this to our attention.

Jody Demling is in Houston, Texas at the Kingwood Basketball Classic run by Vision Sports.  This is a huge AAU event which has 753 teams (yes, you read that right -753!) and almost 11,000 players including some of the best and brightest future ballers.  Names such as Brandon Jennings, Al-Farouq Aminu, Drew Gordon, Greg Monroe, Willie Warren, and G.J. Vilarino  among many others are there.  So head on over to Jody's blog at the Courier-Journal and just keep scrolling.

Rick Stansbury Mississippi State is busy trying to replace the Delk twins, and he has picked up a Kentucky boy to do so - Riley Benock of Meade County High School.  Stansbury is clearly developing his Kentucky HS channels.

Meanwhile, Reginald Delk is apparently looking hard at Louisville, while his twin brother is looking elsewhere.  Evidently, they intend to play at different schools.

Mark Story had an article out yesterday with the lede "Tubby Bashers not the majority".  His method of determination wasn't very scientific, which he admits, but I'd guess he is more likely right than wrong.

Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an interesting article out yesterday which compares Kentucky Basketball and Alabama Football, basically concluding the two are similar.  Even though the coaches headline the piece and are the subject of much of his commentary, it is clear that the programs themselves are the focus.  His advice for Gillispie?  Recruit, pick up the pace, keep it clean.  Good advice.

In case you haven't heard yet, Steffphon Pettigrew of E-town has taken UK off his list after being told by Gillispie that UK needed two more weeks to decide.  It's looking like Xavier or Western Kentucky, and I hope its my alma mater, good old WKU.  Good luck Steffphon.

In some news only tangentially related to UK, Sebastian Telfair, formerly of U of L and main competitor to Rajon Rondo's playing time with the Boston Celtics, was arrested on a gun possession charge Friday night.

You think the Joe Craft Center is awesome, right?  Check out the University of Michigan's football practice facility.  Not bad.

Finally, HornFan over at our sister blog, Burnt Orange Nation, edits ESPN's press release for their 2007 NFL draft coverage.  I found this darn funny, but then again, I am easily amused.

Update [2007-4-21 10:22:52 by Truzenzuzex]: Drew Gordon, a top 25 2008 recruit, used to like the Wildcats when Smith was here, but he tells Jody Demling he isn't going to "completely eliminate" UK. However, he did say he hasn't heard from us. He does have good taste, though - he has eliminated U of L.

That's not like you, Billy G. Get those fast fingers moving, coach - text the guy.


Update [2007-4-21 14:46:31 by Truzenzuzex]: John Clay is liveblogging the Blue-White scrimmage today. Check it out.

Update [2007-4-21 16:29:43 by Truzenzuzex]: Matt Jones is reporting that Jody Demling has found out that Brandon Jennings, a dynamic 2008 point guard, has decommitted from USC and now lists UK. Jody promises more later, plus an interview with G.J. Vilarino.

Update [2007-4-21 17:43:49 by Truzenzuzex]: Well, at least we can beat the Gators at something ...