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I hestitated to post anything about yesterday's shooting at Virginia Tech, but I find myself compelled to at least mention it. There are, too often it seems, those moments in which all the push and pull of what we think is important -- the coach at our favorite school, the player we just have to have -- are put back into perspective. Maybe that's the only remotely positive thing that can occur in such times.

We at A Sea of Blue send our condolences to the families of those affected by the violence in Blacksburg. To say we are unable to fathom what those parents must be going through is a gross understatement.

I have my first child due in June of this year, and I can't even grasp how to raise the poor guy to the age of 18, much less grasp sending him off to a bucolic campus of higher education only to have this type of thing take him away from me. If only we lived in a time and place in which such a thought was ludicrous and not, as it seems this morning, all too real.

Having gone through 9/11 in downtown Manhattan myself, I only understand the chaos that those involved must have felt. My heart, heavy, certainly goes out to them and their families.