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Many interesting things happening this afternoon.  JL told you about Michael Sanchez getting an offer from UK.  Now, Steffphon Pettigrew has reportedly set the date after which he will pursue other opportunities, and that date is Thursday, April 19th.  I can't blame the guy.

Ben Cook at Lindy's takes a look at the aftermath of  Kentucky's coaching search.  He sees it as a "win, win, win, win, win" situation.  Pretty good take, I thought.

Not to be outdone, Bob McClellan at evaluates many recent coaching hires.  Not a particularly in depth or convincing article, kind of an "I gotta write something, so here goes." Note that Pelphrey gets punished for Arkansas' ineptitude.  C'mon, Bob, you can do better!

Of course, Scout has to get in on the act, too, although Keith Taylor sticks to the UK hire.  I liked this:

That's why Gillispie jumped at the opportunity to come and coach the Wildcats. He understands that a job such as this one doesn't come around every other year.

An added bonus? He wanted to be at Kentucky, plus it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Billy Clyde welcomes the expectations, but more importantly shares the same passion for Kentucky basketball that the fans have -- a winning combination.

You can't say that often enough for me, Keith.

The Kentucky Kernel says Barnhart "delivered under pressure", and likes the hire:

Barnhart should be commended for his efforts in hiring UK's new coach. This amounts to the biggest hire in Barnhart's career to this point, and we believe that it was a good one.

Maize n Brew, another SportsBlog member covering the University of Michigan, writes today about the departure of Alex Legion.  Maize n Brew Dave has Legion heading to UCLA.  The Michigan Sports Center Blog also has coverage.

Finally, an interesting story from the NBA.  Seems that veteran referee Joey Crawford has been indefinitely suspended for actions involving Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs and "in light of similar prior acts," according to Commissioner David Stern.  Fox and ESPN have coverage.