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Coach Clyde rolls on

Taking time only long enough to officially hire Glenn Cyprien and Jeremy Cox to his new staff, head basketball coach Billy Gillispie continued his whirlwind recruiting season on Monday, visiting with top target Patrick Patterson (premium) and his family in West Virginia and apparently offering a scholarship (premium) to Arkansas big Michael Sanchez.

Not much is known about Sanchez, except that he was a scholarship target for Gillispie at Texas A&M, and that injuries to his knees have slowed him over the last two years. Sanchez is, by all accounts, healed, though the interest from some big-name schools like UCLA and Kansas cooled once the knees started giving him trouble.

Sanchez was apparently ready to prep for a season in Nevada and head to college in 2008, but new interest from John Pelphrey at Arkansas and Gillispie has the onetime top Arkansas prospect rethinking his options.

As Gillispie told the Sanchez family, 'Kentucky is Kentucky,' and it would be tough for Sanchez to turn down an opportunity at such a prestigious school, but he lives just 15 minutes away from Arkansas and has grown up following the Razorbacks.

Seems Coach Clyde is working on all angles to fill our the frontcourt. Patterson seems determined to make everyone lick his boots for another three weeks (seriously, pick a friggin' school, kid ... what more do you want to know?), and there aren't many good options left on the board heading into the summer.

If nothing else, Gillispie is determined not to be short-handed.