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Quick-Hit Wednesday

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I'm swamped today and still recovering from a wretched cold, so blogging is likely to be light from my side.  Here are a few things of interest that I found in my morning perusal:

Scott Hagerman of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer thinks Gillispie is a lock to bring Kentucky back to national prominence, and he thinks Meeks will wind up being The Man next year.

The Courier-Journal covers the DeMoss departure.  I can't help but believe there is something more to this situation than we know right now.  But then again, maybe we should just take her at her word, thank her and wish here well.  She certainly rescued our moribund women's basketball program.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Hoops Blog has a post today on the advent of Billy Gillispie as UK's basketball coach, and his recruiting progress.  The author decides it's time to open fire on, of all people, Patrick Patterson.

With all due respect, couldn't he have saved this until after Patterson commits?

The Herald-Leader interviews Mitch Barnhart about the vacant women's coaching job at UK, and declares it to be "wide open", and gender isn't an issue:

In the history of its women's basketball program, Kentucky has never hired a man as head coach. This time, will the "open box" approach allow men to at least be considered?

"Yes. Absolutely," Barnhart said. "It's wide open."

Good luck, Mitch.  Your track record so far is excellent.  Keep up the good work.

Finally, a non-Kentucky related basketball story - it is reported that Karl Malone, former Utah Jazz and Louisiana Tech grad, could become assistant coach at his old school.

Updates as they become available.

Update [2007-4-12 11:8:38 by Truzenzuzex]: OK, this is just hilarious. TCP has taken over TCU's Rivals message board. I suppose their basketball program is so near death that nobody vists there anymore. Absolutely priceless.

Update [2007-4-12 12:16:24 by Truzenzuzex]: Garry Parish has an absolutely fascinating article about how he saw the whole Gillispie hire go down. If he is right, Gillispie is sharper than a Ginsu knife. If he is wrong, Gillispie is as lucky as a leprechaun in an Irish casino in Las Vegas.

Update [2007-4-12 12:25:24 by Truzenzuzex]: Gillispie excited about UK's current players.


Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas are said to be nearing thier decision. Rivals West Virgina site has the scoop.

Billy Gillispie said in his press conference today that his assistants won't specialize (i.e. recruiting, offense) and that Kentucky's returning players are "Better than [he] thought." As you said, Billy, UK has been "fixed a long time ago."

From the Diaries: Boobs laments the likelihood that DeAndre Jordan will be staying at TAMU.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers are coveting Jai Lucas as well.

Wondering what happened to Shawn Finney? Marshall has him.

Sources say Oden, Conley and Cook all likely to declare for the draft.

Update [2007-4-12 18:14:36 by Truzenzuzex]: Oh, dear ...