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The money pit ...

is what my house has become.  I am, at the moment, acquiescing to my wife's call for an upgrade - to the bathroom, that is.  

As luck would have it, an analogy can be found here.  My wife's request for an upgrade is analogous to many UK's fans, who have also been calling for an upgrade - to the men's basketball coach.

I think it is important for us to differentiate between the DD'rs of the world, and most UK fans.  Every group has its fringe elements, and as I bemoaned here:

Wouldn't it be sad if these misguided Souls of the Program became the face of all Kentucky fans?  I have bad news for those who think so - it is already happening.

The fringes of UK's fans have become the face of the BBN, and it's a clown's face.

That's a shame, because it isn't a fair representation of the BBN.

Many (perhaps most) UK fans simply wanted an upgrade, and there is nothing wrong with that.  As JL correctly pointed out, we are talking about college basketball, not war and peace.

I think we must be wary of the suggestion that others outside the program are somehow unqualified to make judgments about UK and its basketball program.  They may be wrong, but many are very well qualified and pay attention to UK basketball.  No, they may not be as plugged in as you, or me, or many over at TCP and other places, but as a general proposition they are more familiar with the situation than most casual UK fans in the state.

So while we may rightly pillory their reasoning, we should resist the temptation to call thier opinion uninformed.  Even Gregg Doyell, whom I utterly loathe, is sufficiently knowledgeable about the situation to offer cogent commentary, however one-sided it is.  

But by the same token, JL's suggestion that the media's sudden fascination with Kentucky's coaching situation is little more than a passing fad is right on the mark.  It is simply the subject du jour.

Update [2007-3-23 23:21:22 by Truzenzuzex]:Can anybody pick out the odd sports writer in this article? Hint: His first name begins and ends with the same letter.