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Just savor it ...

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What has this season of ups and downs showed me more than anything else? The value of the now.

That's why you'll apologize for a lack of verbose postings about Friday's 67-58 victory over a solid Villanova team. I'm just enjoying the positive vibes, the good product on the court.

Yeah, Kansas is a tough matchup, among the worst for the Cats in the entire draw, in my opinion. But since when has this season followed form?

Randolph Morris' "2007 Sign Me Up GMs Tour" continued, thank goodness. Double-double performance and dominant on defense. Couldn't ask for much more.

Now we look toward Kansas. The Jayhawks are long, athletic and clutch, for the most part. They demoralized 16 seed Niagara. But Depaul beat them, somehow. And Texas Tech, too.

Plus, the team chemistry look strong, with players rushing to help up guys on the floor and the bench active. So why not the Cats?

Jodie Meeks and Sheray Thomas were both fantastic, and the starters didn't rush things or panic. Tubby was into the game, and looked in control of his team. All good signs. But also all against a team that's going home, not one that's moving on like Kansas.

So we just savor the win, act hopeful about tomorrow's game and try to ignore conversations about Tubby Smith as much as humanly possible.

A guy can dream.