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Have I forgotten?

Well, no, but I have been out of town and caught in a snowstorm that required over 3 hours for me to go 15 miles.  Ugly, that.

Anyway, since I have already done a preview on South Carolina, I won't be doing a full blown one, just a few lines.

What has changed since January 16th?  Well, Kentucky has gotten better and the Gamecocks are about the same.  The game tonight is at Rupp.  The only way Kentucky looses this game is if they lay an ostrich egg.

The Wildcats definitely need to improve their defensive performance from the Arkansas game - that was only the second time we have won a game when our defensive efficiency has been over 102 (higher is worse).  In other words, our defense stank against Arkansas, but our offense was too much for them and they turned it over too many times.

If the 'Cats bring it on defense tonight and get the ball inside, we should be fine.  If we continue our torrid 3-point shooting, we should be fine.  The only way we loose is to play bad defense and shoot under 45%, which we are well capable of doing.  But I don't think that will happen tonight.