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Sunday, and the livin' is easy in Wildcat country

Perusing the web after UK's huge victory at Arkansas yesterday, we find a few interesting tidbits:

  • According to The Morning News, an Arkansas paper, Ramel Bradley crowned himself king.
  • The Northwest Arkansas Times suggests that loosing to the Wildcats is getting old, and briefly laments the good old days of Nolan Richardson.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer notes the outstanding GPA of the basketball team.  Jerry Tiption, in predictable fashion, douses that plaudit with cold water by pointing out that the scholarship players only managed a 3.088 [Hey Jerry - how about a 3.01 or even 3.0 - most of us don't count to 3 decimal places - Ed.] unless you count the walk-ons, which gives the 'Cats a 3.21.  He also finds the time to reverently highlight Colin Cowherd's most recent screed on UK basketball, which drew cheers from the Dynasty Offender crowd.
  • Finally, HoopsReport online provides us with this rumor on UK recruit Patrick Patterson (scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Rumor Mill" section).  Fun to think about, but rumors are just rumors - for the sake of your sanity, don't treat this as any more than such.