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Patterson takes the loss, UK gets a win?

From the "Don't read too much into it" department comes this Gameday AM Patrick Patterson update, courtesy of an intrepid Courier-Journal blogger, Jody Demling:

"It's still the same situation," Patterson said. "I want to take the next month and narrow my schools down from six to three. Kentucky is at the top."

Some will overreact to the quote, given immediately after his team lost their first game of the season, to UK powerhouse Scott County. But if nothing else, it helps one understand a little better Tubby Smith's unwillingness to give at all on his two remaining scholarships (read: Moses).

It's been shaping up lately as a Kentucky-Duke showdown, with Florida always lingering nearby. There is a feeling that Patrick is waiting to see what happens with Coach Smith and the Wildcats job.

I don't feel any more confident today than I did yesterday, mostly because you'll probably see some random quote in a week saying "Wake Forest is a perfect place to be" or something. That's the way this recruiting biz goes.

But I think it's safe to say UK will be in Patterson's final three choices when all is said and done. Maybe Tubby can finally land the big fish, gloomy prognisticators (and recent history) de damned.