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Reckoning with the Host, part deux ...

The last time we looked at the Georgia Bulldogs, we reckoned them an inferior but worthy opponent for a Wildcat team that still held the promise of a glittering season ahead of it.

Much has changed since then.  Kentucky is 4-4 since January 24th, and has slipped into a 5th place tie in the SEC East, and lost it's most recent game at Vanderbilt in an ugly turnover-fest after having led virtually the entire game.  Since playing UK last, the Buldogs are 5-4, having gotten the best of Mississippi State  on Saturday.

Since I have already done an exhaustive review of Georgia, I will simply refer you to that post for statistical and other information links.

Teamwise, Georgia is faced with the loss of of sophomore guard and second-leading scorer Mike Mercer to a season-ending knee injury.  That should give the 'Cats an advantage, and given their recent propensity for either giving up huge deficits or huge leads, I expect they will need all the help they can get.

This is senior night for the 'Cats, and although a victory here will add a small amount of surety for an NCAA bid and place a tiny band-aid over what is now a gaping, bloody gash in the expectations of the Big Blue Faithful, a loss would nothing short of catastrophic.  Losing to Georgia would place Kentucky firmly on the NCAA bubble and facing bookend losses at Vandy and SEC leading Florida.  Even though Florida looked abysmal in Knoxville last night, at home in Gainsville, they have been tough.

It would also send Wildcat fans into another orgy of recriminations against coach Tubby Smith, and create a crisis in Lexington the likes of which we haven't seen since the most famous Fedex package in Kentucky history.

Questions to be answered:

  • Will Randolph Morris play with passion, or dispassion?

  • Will Joe Crawford play?

  • Can Kentucky manage less than 20 turnovers?

  • Will Ramel Bradley ever pass the ball to his teammates?

  • Can Bobby Perry continue his torrid, 1-game streak of good play?

  • Can Jodie Meeks and Tubby Smith combine forces and will this team to a win?

I don't know.  I sure hope so, for the sake of our seniors.