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What lies after the point of total frustration?

Where does one go when you reach the point of incredulous, abject frustration?  Off the edge of the world and into the abyss?  To the Seventh Level of Hell where I get to watch UK-Vanderbilt games over and over, forever?  Maybe to Our Lady of Peace?  This would seem to me my destination very soon, and unless I miss my guess, I will see Tubby Smith checking in just before me.  Maybe we can be room-mates.

19 turnovers, at least 11 in the second half alone.  Why did Kentucky loose?  That's why.  Three times UK failed to get a shot off in 30 seconds the second half.  I have no words.

I would look for positives, but right now I don't want to find any, it might make me regurgitate another apology for this mentally weak team.  Bobby Perry woke up, Rip Van Winkle-like, from his season-long slumber only to find that Randolph Morris and Joe Crawford had decided to take the rest of the season (or at least, this game) off.  

Poor Jodie Meeks - he played until he cramped up, only to watch all that effort go down the drain.  I forgot - how many times did Crawford get to the line?  Oh, yeah - zero.  Bradley?  Once on a three pointer - I don't think that qualifies as "taking it to the hole".

Derek Jasper is just a disappointment, even for a freshman.  He apparently would rather stick his private parts into an electrical socket than shoot the ball outside 5 feet.  I have watched basketball a long time, and I have never seen a player so reluctant to shoot.  On the other side of the coin is Ramel Bradley, the archetypal "I can do it, coach, let me" player.  Maybe he hasn't learned the proper spelling of "team" isn't "teime".

Well, four straight losses to Vanderbilt.  No excuses, just frustration.  We were probably one rebound away from winning again.  Sounds like a broken record.  What do you think, Tom Izzo?  You're right, maybe two.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Wednesday, I'll be back again, cheering and expecting a different result.  I think we have already established my mental condition, so I feel fine with that.

See you at the bingo games after the season, coach!  We'll probably be out in 6 months or so.

Update [2007-2-26 8:29:47 by Truzenzuzex]:Correction: Final statistics have us shooting 58%, 60% in the second half with 22 turnovers, 14 of them in the second half