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What do you do when you're losing? Gripe!

Maybe our 3-game loosing skid has jaded me a bit, but I seem to find more to complain about in the media today.

Let's start with the word "aggression" and derivatives thereof. If the word "aggression" or its derivatives were suddenly deleted from the English language, I think we would see heads exploding everywhere.

Take this Courier-Journal article, for instance.  I counted seven uses of the word "aggress*" in a 600-word article.  May I respectfully suggest to our players and coaches (and even sports reporters) to mix it up every now and then just for the sake of variety, maybe with words like assiduous, bold, daring, determined, diligent, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, forceful, hard-working, intense, purposeful, or even relentless?  I mean, all of the aforementioned are either in, or graduates from, college.  They do still teach English there, even to basketball players, don't they?

But then again, Joe Crawford saying something like, "Me personally, I feel like I wasn't [assiduous] at all at the beginning of the (Alabama) game" is a bit discordant. Doesn't quite roll of the tongue, does it?

Eric Crawford plays at a little gallows humor with Randolph Morris:

Randolph Morris admitted that his "head wasn't in the game," though he couldn't say where exactly it was.

Well, now, Randy - do tell.  Is really to much for the coach and your team to expect you do go out on the court and, I don't know, do what you are given a full ride to a good school to do?  Oh, I forgot - this is the new millennium, where girls are girls and guys are, too.  Must've been a bad hair day.

Not to be undone, Ramel Bradley channels his inner  Josh McRoberts:

Despite his earlier talk of a still-muscular team confidence, Bradley sounded wounded and in need of some tender loving care.

"I just want to get home," he said with a quiet voice. "Get back to our arena. I'm tired of the road."

Brittney Spears is mentally tougher than this!  I wonder if she can handle the rock? [Don't you dare! -Ed.]

Some more gallows humor from Ryan Ferguson at the AOL Sports Blog, who pokes a little fun at Tubby Smith and the UK fans:

In the wake of Kentucky's 72-61 road loss to Alabama, sources from within the University of Kentucky Athletic Department have revealed that head coach Orlando "Tubby" Smith has been moved to an undisclosed underground location to "protect his personal safety."

Heh.  I hear Donald Rumsfeld no longer needs his, so there should be some good bunker space available.

And finally, on the Patrick Patterson front, I need to report that there is nothing to report.  Patterson is still playing for Huntington High and not (yet) the Florida Gators or Dookies.  Hope springs eternal...