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Close but no cigar ... Tubby's legacy?

Does this sound familiar?

Team lacks any sense of urgency or consistency, gets behind huge early, makes adjustments, tightens up on defense, gets within a basket of the lead.

How about this?

Team cuts it down to a basket, makes bad decisions, throws away the ball, allows silly baskets, loses close late.

Yep. Sounds familiar to me. Sounds like the true personality of this year's Kentucky men's basketball team. It's not a good team, by the way.

This might be one of Tubby Smith's worst coaching jobs. He has the talent to compete with anyone -- he really does, and don't let anyone tell you differently -- but the talent just don't perform when they need to.

To me, after the 20th time this happens, it's not just the player anymore. No development from game to game.

Some numbers that might scare even the most dedicated Tubby supporters:

* Three straight losses, five of eight
* Cats 7-5 in the SEC with road games at Vandy, Florida
* 2-13 in last 15 games against ranked teams
* 40-21 since beginning 2005-06 season
* Have not led in three straight losses. Not even 2-0.

I'm running out of -- check that, I have already run out of excuses. This is not getting it done. If it's Tubby moving on, fine. If it's making assistant changes? Fine. But this ... whatever this is, and it ain't Kentucky hoops, I know that ... this isn't cutting it.

Leadership, baby.

Update [2007-2-18 12:6:43 by JL Blue]:

I have been corrected: UK led, 21-20, over Tennessee. I guess that's a good thing.