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Kentucky at Indiana -- Quick thoughts

There are games, and this is one of them, where as hard as you try to find positives, you just can't.

This Kentucky team, as currently constituted, is really unfortunate -- at least they were today.  I don't blame anyone in particular for the poor performance this afternoon, although the lousy play of our seniors is certainly blameworthy.  But no.

First, congratulations to the Hoosiers for handing us our ass.  They did a good job, took care of the ball, and even though they had many great players on the bench, did the job they came to do.  It wasn't pretty, but it was effective.

As to the Wildcats, well, it's back to the drawing board.  I hate to say it, but it seems clear that the team was very much affected by the drama of this week.  This was not Kentucky basketball, and compared to what we just witnessed, last week's lesson by North Carolina was a thing of beauty.  I wonder what Coach Gillispie will have to say about this ... affair?

I'm not in the mood to bash the Cats, though.  I didn't expect us to win, and we didn't.  I frankly did expect us to be somewhat competitive, and we weren't even that.  There is only so much adversity a team can take before they collapse under the weight of cirucumstances.  Clearly, this team has reached or passed its adversity threshold.  I'm not surprised -- frankly, I'm beyond disappointment --  but sometimes you have to face stuff that you aren't used to, and as a Kentucky fan, this looks to be one of those times.

Even if I had hated Billy Gillispie with every fiber of my being, I would never have wished a debacle like this on him in his first year.  If he had all or even 75% of his best players available, it would be easy to blame the abject futility that is currently  the Kentucky basketball team on its coach.  But I have no idea what to think, because this team is like a man trying to go into combat with a leg and an arm missing.  Some would say that the lone positive is that our backups are getting lots of playing time, but there is a problem even with that pale comfort -- they are getting their confidence crushed by being forced to play in losing situations.

Kentucky is at a serious crossroads at this moment in the season, and it isn't one any team would ever want to face.  The confidence of this team is balanced on the edge of a knife.  One more uncompetitive game, and it could well collapse and the entire season with it.  It has been a very long time since I felt this way about a Kentucky basketball team.  Gillispie said practice had been going well, but if so, it either didn't translate to the court, or he has no idea what actual Kentucky basketball looks like.

But enough.  The blame for this game goes on nobody.  It was a calamity, but hopefully, just a big, yawning pothole in the road to improvement.  Perhaps we will look back on this and recognize it as the low point in the season.  I sure hope so.