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Kentucky at Indiana -- Open Game Thread

This is the official Open Game Thread for Kentucky at Indiana.

This is a very tough game for UK given the week they've had.  I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but I will say that I can scarcely imagine a tougher first road game for a young and depleted team than IU in Bloomington.

Despite the issues the team has faced this week, Gillispie has suggested at a recent news conference that the team has been practicing much better.  Despite the loss of Alex Legion for now (and perhaps forever), he has said that the team is not distracted, and is focused.  We will see.

Indiana, on the other hand, is coming off a relatively narrow 84-72 victory over Tennessee State last week, and Kentucky has had a week to recover from their loss to North Carolina.  Getting AJ Ratliff back this game is a bonus for Indiana, and largely offsets Eric Gordon's injury.

I just listened to Seth Davis claim the Wildcats were a disappointment this year, and brushing off the injuries to two of our most important players as basically irrelevant.  Injuries certainly are no excuse for Kentucky's sub-par overall play so far, but to treat it as a triviality, as Davis did is an example of either poor journalism or outright bias.  But then, I don't think we should really expect any more than that from him.

My keys to the game:

  • Patterson must score, and avoid fouls.
  • Three other players must provide offense.
  • Continue to play tough defense.
  • A player who hasn't played much this year must step up.
  • Eric Gordon and DJ White must be held below season averages.

The good news is, the Cats would jump back into the national conversation with a victory over the Hoosiers, especially given the current status of their roster.  Kelvin Samson, on the other hand, really can't afford to have UK waltz into Assembly Hall and beat his team given the issues that have arisen recently regarding NCAA violations.

I will not be liveblogging this game.  I need a break.  Of course, this thread will be open and awaiting your comments.