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LEGION UPDATE: Coach: "Not with team."

Much anticipation of what Coach Gillispie would have to say in regards to the ongoing Alex Legion situation at today's pre-Indiana press conference.

After starting over 45 minutes late because practice ran long, here are some quick hits:

  • Legion is not with the team at this time
  • Coach said he and Legion "talked today for the first time." (Presumably, since Monday)
  • Practices have been strong and focused, with the players keyed in on Saturday's opponent. Clyde called it the "best week we've had."
  • Legion apparently told Coach today he'd like to stay on the team. Clyde's response to media is, "We'll see."
  • "I have my own thoughts on it."
  • Clyde closes with comment that despite what anyone may have read or heard, the team and coaches have not been approaching Legion about returning.
Much more will be forthcoming, no doubt. But to dispel any rumors that anything is a "done deal" there's some words from the head man himself.