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Second verse, same as the first ...

I think we all know how this song goes.  Will it go the same way for Alex Legion?

Well, I can't say I'm surprised, if it turns out that Legion decides to stay.  Nobody really knows yet if that is going to happen, but people in the know are suggesting that it looks favorable.

Myself, I have been here and done this.  If it does happen, does this mean we get to go to the final eight, like we did last time?  These Michigan boys just love playing games with the Big Blue Nation's heartstrings.

Hey, it worked for Joe.

What I do wonder is, what about those Kentucky bloggers out there who have spent lots of time mocking his mother?  I wonder if they are thinking that was a really good idea right about now?  As with most things, when you go to making fun of people, it's usually advisable to wait until they have no power over you.  Karma can be a real chameleon sometimes, just ask the Boy himself.

Fun times here in the Bluegrass.  I blame Tubby.  ([editor's note, by Truzenzuzex] Get that tongue out of your cheek, son!)