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Music City Bowl -- Open Game Thread


This is the official A Sea of Blue open game thread for the Music City Bowl -- Kentucky vs. Florida State.

Well, here we are again, back in Nashville facing another ACC team, this time one of the most storied and successful programs of the last 40 years -- Florida State University.

Florida State was an all-girl's school from 1905 until 1947, and all the men were moved to the University of Florida.  FSU fielded their first football team in 1948, and promptly went 7-1, and have suffered only 10 losing seasons in its entire 59-year football history.  Since current coach Bobby Bowden took over at FSU, the Seminoles have amassed an incredible record including two national championships and one perfect season.  Florida state has a total of 35 bowl appearances, 28 during the Bowden era, and has an overall record of 20-13-2.

Even though Florida State is wounded by suspensions coming into this game, they are still a very dangerous opponent.  Bobby Bowden is a legendary coach, and even though his teams after the turn of the century have not lived up to the school's halcyon performance of the 80's and 90's, this is one of the Great Powers of college football, and that definitely counts for something.

The Cats limp in to this bowl game having lost 4 of its last 5 games, and suffered 2 multiple-overtime games going 1-1:  A victory against LSU, and a loss against Tennessee in the last game of the season.  UK is without its best offensive lineman, Jason Leger, who was suspended for a violation of team rules.  Keenan Burton is said to be available, although it is hard to know exactly what that will mean.

For Florida State, they have a number of defensive and offensive linemen who have started at points throughout the season suspended as a result of the the academic scandal that hit Florida State just after the end of the season.  For a list of the most important players affected, you can see my earlier preview of the game .

I will be live-blogging this game below.  If you have the time or are so inclined, you may participate in the live blog with us.  Also, the thread comments will be available to you as always.

Enjoy the game, Cat fans, this is the last hurrah for our outstanding senior class.  Let's cheer them to a victory today.

Go, Cats!

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