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San Diego at Kentucky -- Open Game Thread

This is the official Open Game Thread for San Diego at Kentucky.  For those of you who can't get the game on TV, here are some links:

San Diego is one of the weakest teams we have faced this year, and UK has no excuses for not getting the W.  Even as bad as the Cats have been at times, I don't see this San Diego team as a serious threat to win in Rupp Arena.

We have seen some game-to-game improvement in Kentucky, but only in fits and starts.  There is a possibility to see one or more of our injured sophomores in this game, but I wouldn't count on it.  Meeks is said to still be very sore, and even though Jasper has seen some practice time, in my heart, I doubt we will see him today.

Billy Gillispie has continued to assure us that Kentucky will improve and has had more than a week and some extra holiday practice to work on the Wildcats and improve what they are able to bring to the floor.  While injuries still represent the Cats' biggest problem, the two biggest problems they have on the floor are turnovers and rebounding.

San Diego brings a credible defense to the floor that will challenge Kentucky's ballhandling, so we should see if the efforts in practice will bear any fruit in this area.  Also, we still have not seen the Cats get the ball to Patterson in the post as often as Gillispie wants, so this should be a game in which we can look for improvement in that area as well.

My keys to the game:

  • Getting the ball to Patterson in the post
  • Dominating the glass.
  • The return of the 5 assist Joe Crawford
  • Scoring from people other than Patterson, Crawford and Bradley.
  • Improvement in the turnover area.

Turnovers are killing our offensive efficiency, and we must find ways to keep Patterson involved offensively the entire game.

I will not be liveblogging the game today.  Please do avail yourselves of the comments in the open thread, I will be in and out during the game.