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OPEN SHOT: Post your thoughts

This is an open thread.  Post anything Kentucky-related in here.

We are recovering from yet another loss, but venting will do no good.  Let's talk about what needs to happen before this team can improve, and that doesn't include stuff like firing the coach and throwing people off the team.  Those things aren't going to happen.  How can we work with what we have?

There have been lots of comments lately about Gillispie's pre-game practices.  I am of the opinion that if that is the system he brought with him from Texas A&M, then we should stop griping about it.  We hired him to do a job, and we know from experience his system works.  It worked for TAMU, it worked for UTEP, and there is no good reason I can think of why it won't work for UK.  But I do think it has positives and negatives.

What kind of difference will Jodie Meeks make when we get to have a normal starting five in the game?

Will Kentucky ever learn to block out and rebound?  Is it lack of effort, or understanding, or pig-headedness, or what?

Gillispie actually impressed me with his activity and the way he interacted with the players last night.  What do you think?

Post 'em if you've got 'em.