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Kentucky at Houston -- Open Game Thread

This is the official Open Game Thread for Kentucky at Houston.  For those of you who can't get the game on TV, here are some links:

It truly is time for Kentucky to awake from their recent 3-game slump and they have picked a very tough place to do it -- against a 3-point shooting team on the road.  This is not the kind of team we would prefer to face under the current circumstances, but this is the lot we have drawn.

The possible return of Jodie Meeks to the game has a lot of Wildcat fans excited, and I am one of them.  If Jodie is even 75%, it will be enough to add depth and intensity to our team, both of which Kentucky needs very badly.

Houston has been very successful so far this year, and success breeds success.  Tom Penders has his team playing hard and shooting well.  If UK does not defend the three, the odds are very good that we lose this game, and go on a four game losing streak.  Given the recriminations that are beginning to dominate the conversation around the Big Blue Nation, I don't want to even contemplate that.

My keys to the game:

  • We must take advantage of Patterson's advantage in the paint.
  • Defense must be strong, and Kentucky must stay on the Houston shooters.
  • Crawford and Bradley need to score.
  • Michael Porter must continue to play well.
  • Meeks must contribute something.

At this point, any win is a good win.  Houston has beaten the teams they are supposed to beat, and Kentucky has not.  The Cats can ill afford another confidence-sapping loss, or even a close victory.  What we need is a solid performance on both sides of the ball.

I will not be live blogging tonight, but probably will be live blogging our next game.

Comment away!