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BREAKING: Meeks to suit up vs. Houston

After a 425-year absence ... OK, so maybe it just seemed that long ... sophomore scorer Jodie Meeks is expected to be in uniform Tuesday against Houston, Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie said Monday.

Meeks, out with a stess fracture in his pelvic bone, posted a 8.7 points per game average as a frosh last season, and was expected to challenge for the starting shooting guard slot and be one of Kentucky's leading scorers this season.

Without him, the Wildcats have relied on fellow sophomore Michael Porter and Joe Crawford to pick up the scoring slack, with mixed results.

"He gives us a totally different dimension offensively and defensively," [coach Billy] Gillispie said. "He raises the confidence level of so many of the other players. ... and limits the amount of minutes some other guys play."

These guys could use some good news, the way things have gone lately. Meeks' return -- even at half-speed -- would be a huge development.

Fellow guard Derrick Jasper, another possible starter at point guard, remains sidelined while recovering from offseason knee surgery.

Update [2007-12-17 19:55:52 by Truzenzuzex]:  MRI on Jasper's knee is reportedly OK.