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OPEN SHOT: Friendship? Bah. Economics first.

Here is an interesting story in the Husker Extra where the Nebraska basketball coach, Doc Sadler, is having a heck of a time scheduling better opponents for the Cornhuskers.

A fan asked why Sadler couldn't start something with Kentucky, given his friendship with new Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie. The answer: When you already have North Carolina and Indiana on your non-conference schedule, there's not room for a Nebraska.

Especially if it requires a trip to Lincoln.

"If we're going to go play somewhere, then they should go back to Nebraska," Sadler said. "I'm not in for going to just play them at their place and not getting a return game. It's hard."

The economics of college basketball appears to make some games impossible.  We saw what happened to the UMass matchup earlier in the year (probably saved UK from a beating, judging from how things are going at the moment).  It is unsurprising that teams located in remote locations with harsh winter weather would have some difficulty getting their program out of the doldrums.  If you can't play the high profile opponents, you can't get on TV, and you can't get the high quality recruits.  It is a vicious cycle, one that even a friendship with somebody like Billy Gillispie can't overcome.

Tough old world.  Post 'em if you've got 'em.

Update [2007-12-13 16:56:14 by Truzenzuzex]:  Barnhart gets an extension.