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For the night owls ...

Well, I am up a bit late tonight doing ... some late-night things, so I thought I'd make a quick post.

First, this nugget -- the Daily Breeze, a newspaper out of Torrence, California, mentions Rich Brooks as somebody that UCLA either is or ought to be interested in for their head coaching position.  Stay away from our coach, Bruins, you could have had Bobby Pet ... uh, never mind.

Then there is this self-contradictory piece from the Chicago Sun-Times that claims that Illinois is trying to land Legion, then claims a source told them otherwise.  Here is a sample:

Legion is primarily a shooting guard but could play small forward and has great offensive potential, analysts believe. And despite his discontent at Kentucky, where the competition for playing time is intense, he is not considered to have an attitude problem.

Nah.  Not wanting to compete for playing time isn't an attitude problem.  It's just not fair that someone of Legion's obvious talent should have to fight others with lesser talent but greater desire and work ethic for playing time.  What is Gillispie thinking, that backward, slave driving hayseed?  The sun in that west Texas burg he grew up in must've burned out his brain.  You'd think he was never taught that the elite are just entitled to things, or something.  

Say what?  Work for it?  Not.  These boots are made for walkin', pal.

Finally, I am here to tell you this now, so you won't be surprised later.  Vanderbilt is the real deal this year.  They just came from 16 points down with 12 minutes or so left in the second half to beat DePaul in overtime -- at DePaul.

DePaul out-athleted Vandy by the widest margin I have seen all year, yet Vanderbilt stuck to their knitting and with a determined, never-say-die effort defeated the Blue Demons in their house.  Even when Vandy was getting slaughtered, they never panicked.  Nobody ever put their head down and drove into the lane to watch their shot sail back the other way.  Nobody pouted or got technicals called on them.  They stopped turning the ball over.  They took good shots. They made free throws.  They played the kind of defense that frustrates teams into making bad decisions, and it worked.  They fixed what was wrong at halftime and in the end, won easily in the extra period.

Vanderbilt is for real.  If they played UK today, they would beat the Cats handily.  They say the SEC is down, and I agree that it is down a bit, but Vandy isn't.  If you recall, they handed the Cats two losses last year.  I expect that right now, they are looking very good to do it again unless Kentucky finds some answers.

Update [2007-12-13 9:14:42 by Truzenzuzex]:  This Detroit News article quotes Legion as saying he never had second thoughts about returning to UK.

Update [2007-12-13 11:58:55 by Truzenzuzex]:  In a trip down memory lane, I recall that we were warned about Legion by Maize n Brew Dave from the Michigan SBNation fan blog, Maize n Brew.