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OPEN SHOT: Where do they find these folks?

Took the time in this long week to listen to my first Billy Gillispie Show.

Holy crapola! are most of these callers ridiculous. Are the intelligent folks too busy reading Proust to  call in or is there a literacy limit?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying UK fans are stupid, or that education/coherence have anything to do with fanship, but "Ya'lls keep shootin', press more and I'll hang up and listen" isn't (a) a question or (b) that close to English.

To his credit, Gillispie handles himself with aplomb, given how frustrated the Big Blue Nation is right now, and laughs off some of the more ridiculous questions/comments.

But it's eye- (or ear-)opening to hear what at least a vocal few of the BBN sound like.

This is your open thread.

Update [2007-12-11 17:25:25 by JL Blue]:


... From Tipton: "Freshman Alex Legion has decided he wants to transfer from Kentucky, the player’s godfather and mentor said on Tuesday.