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Wars and rumors of wars ...

I think everyone remembers Jesus' words from Sunday school, and they seem to be totally apropos to our current situation.  I have heard, and seen, thousands of rumors about Gillispie, Legion, Carter, and every other thing you can imagine.  Some good, some bad, some downright apocalyptic.

Unfortunately, this is what happens in the Bluegrass after a couple of losses to bitter rivals and a team that seems to be struggling mightily.  We have seen UK teams struggle before, but combine that with dashed hopes, mix in some long-term injuries, a few failures of leadership, a heaping helping of new coaching and one very unusual freshman parent, and you have a recipe for a rumor machine Hollywood could only envy.  Don't believe any of them.  If even one turns out to be close to the truth, it will be a coincidence.

For me, I have laughed longer and louder at some of the things people are saying in the rumor mill than at anything else in a while.  But there are some things that I can report with some certainty.  It won't satisfy anyone, but what can I say?  However, after observing Kentucky basketball for almost 40 years, I can read the tea leaves very well.

The first thing we can say for certain is that right now, nobody knows what will happen with the Legion situation.  I can tell you that it is highly likely that even the principles themselves have no idea how this will end up.  There seems to be an informal ongoing process, but there are many issues that must be sorted, and none of them are easy.  It could well be that Legion is going to have to go elsewhere, whether he wants to return or not.

I can also tell you that the Legion situation is absolutely having a negative impact on the team.  Gillispie will tell you otherwise, as will every player and every source close to the team, but the bottom line is, they are engaging in a bit of self-deception and PR.  This problem is affecting team chemistry and unity to a much greater degree than anyone close to the program will admit.  It always does.

The third thing I can tell you is that there is a report out there that Jasper may be getting close to returning from injury.  Matt Jones has a blurb, and the Lexington Herald-Leader has this report on the subject.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, let me say that it is likely Jasper will suffer another setback, hopefully only a minor one.  Knees are like that, especially where cartilage is concerned.  My assumption is after that tough practice, he is going to have some swelling and stiffness.  Let's hope that he recovers quickly, and can continue to get himself involved in practice.  If he does, he may well return for a few minutes as soon as Saturday, but even if not, it seems much more likely that he will be available for some play in the next two weeks.  That is encouraging news, and it's exciting to hear how Gillispie relates Jasper's effect on the team.

Jodie Meeks' news is not so good.  MRI's continue to show the stress fracture is present.  It is healing, but it's still there.  Until it completes the healing process, he can't really rehab it.  Stress fracture rehab requires gradual, incremental increases in activity to build the injured area back up to full strength.  Jodie is likely to be out for quite a while yet, possibly longer than originally anticipated.

Finally, Matt Jones reported earlier, and I'm sure you all saw, that Jared Carter's father told WKYT that Jared will not be transferring and will fight for playing time.  I think this is great news, and it shows me that Carter is not ready to give up.  Not giving up is a huge percentage of success, and if Carter is as determined as this report makes him sound, I am happy to hear it.  I have always wanted Carter to succeed, and maybe he will find a way to do it yet.

So in summary, may I suggest that we keep our heads and hopes high.  We are going through a tough time right now, and so is the team.  These are "the times that try men's souls," and we fans have to get through the trial just like the team does.