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Gardner-Webb at Kentucky -- Open Game Thread

This is the official ASoB Open Game Thread for Gardner-Webb at Kentucky.

We saw a fair defensive performance last night, and a barely passable offensive performance.

We saw lots of players, including two walk-on's.

We saw a walk-on get a double-double and very little of Patrick Patterson.

We saw Joe Crawford score an impressive 20 points in limited minutes.

What will tonight bring?  Hopefully better offensive and defensive execution, and the same or better level of effort and commitment.

My keys to this game are:

  • Share the basketball -- only 11 assists total for UK last night.
  • Keep trying to get the ball inside, no matter who is on the blocks
  • Play smarter on defense, and with controlled speed on offense
  • Avoid the "dumb" fouls
  • Continue to reduce turnovers

I love the effort we are seeing from players who we wouldn't expect to contribute.  I'd like to see more from our studs.

I'll be watching and posting comments all evening.  Your comments are welcome and encouraged.  Type 'em if you've got em!