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Central Arkansas at Kentucky -- Open Game Thread

This is the official ASoB Open Game Thread for Central Arkansas at Kentucky.

Folks, this game counts.  No more freebies, no more exhibitions.  This is the real thing.

Central Arkansas is a weak opponent we should be able to handle easily.  What we should be looking for this game is improvements in execution over last game, particularly on offense.

My keys to this game are:

  • Get the ball to Patrick Patterson early, and often
  • Reverse the basketball to the open shooter
  • Improve defense in help situations
  • Don't let CA dictate the tempo -- UK needs to run, run, run.  We out-athlete them, and we need to press that advantage.

We are going to feel the loss Harris, Jasper and Carter -- not this game, but soon.  But somebody, most likely Legion and Stewart, are going to get Harris' minutes.

Alabama A&M and Gardner Webb play the game afterbefore ours, and the winner of our game will play that winner tomorrow night.

I'll be watching and posting comments all evening.  Your comments are welcome and encouraged.  Type 'em if you've got em!


Update [2007-11-6 18:23:16 by Truzenzuzex]:  Gardner-Webb won the opener.  If we win, we will be facing them tomorrow.