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OPEN SHOT: How bad will injuries hurt the Cats early?

With the news today that Ramon Harris has a stress fracture in his foot, the Wildcats are starting the season with three people injured that would likely have been playing serious minutes but for the injury.

This is bad news for our season, and the worse news is that none of our injured players are likely to be available anytime soon, probably not for the entire first half of the season.

I really feel for Ramon after working so hard this summer and earning some real respect from his teammates.  We don't know if Jared Carter will be able to go, and Derrick Jasper's situation is just not looking good.

Tough way to start the year, but our younger players like AJ Stewart and Alex Legion are just going to have to step up and fill the void.  For them, this means a lot of minutes they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, so let's hope they take full advantage.

Discuss this, or anything else you want to talk about regarding UK.  This is an open thread.