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SEC Power Poll Ballot -- Week 10

The time has come again for my SEC Power Poll ballot.  The aggregate results for all these can be found on Tuesday, as usual, at Garnet and Black Attack.

Not too much changed on my ballot from last time with the exception of South Carolina and Arkansas after that pasting the Hogs put on the OBC Saturday, with Darren McFadden tying the SEC single-game rushing record.

LSU simply amazes me.  How they can continue to come from behind game after game is incredible, especially the way they are doing it.

Next weekend will be much bigger than this weekend was, with only one out-of-conference game and one bye.

Once again, below is my ballot.  If you have comments, don't keep 'em to yourself.

Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 11/5/2007 Finally exorcised Satan Saban from the bayou.
Auburn (W) 2 11/5/2007 Ate a cupcake, but did so with conviction.
Georgia (E) 3 11/5/2007 The men of Troy gave them a headache, but only a little one.
Alabama (W) 4 11/5/2007 Tough loss against the Tigers at home, but I see no reason to drop them.
Florida (E) 5 11/5/2007 Sank the Commodores with the Tim Tebow cannon and the Percy Harvin cannonball.
Tennessee (E) 6 11/5/2007 Just what Fulmer needed - a sticky bun.
Kentucky (E) 7 11/5/2007 Off week. Badly needed.
Arkansas (W) 8 11/5/2007 All McFadden and Jones need are capes and utility belts.
South Carolina (E) 9 11/5/2007 Run over by the Batmobile.
Mississippi State (W) 10 11/5/2007 Off week.
Vanderbilt (E) 11 11/5/2007 Tebow to Harvin - Touchdown! Lather, rinse, repeat.
Mississippi (W) 12 11/5/2007 Barely beat a team Texas Tech hung 75 on.

Overall comments: Very little change - the calm before the storm?