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Seattle at Kentucky -- Open Game Thread

This is the official ASoB Open Game Thread for Seattle University at Kentucky.

This is a game that both the Big Blue Nation and Coach Gillispie will be expecting some significant improvement out of the Cats.

What I would like to see from Kentucky today is:

  • Good ball movement;
  • Improved effort on defense later in the game;
  • Significantly better rebounding;
  • A faster tempo with more secondary breaks;
  • Less than 16 turnovers;
  • A blue tie (just kidding, I could care less about that).

I wonder if the starting lineup will be the same?  My guess is that Patterson will start this game in the place of Mark Coury, but you never know.  I still expect to see Coury to get significant minutes, and I expect Crawford to play at least 3-5 more minutes this game than last.

I would love to see Carter get a few significant minutes in this game so we can evaluate him a bit, although I wouldn't expect much.  I also want some improvement in the ball-handling department, particularly from Perry Stevenson.

I hope to see more of the high-low action that worked so well last game.

I will be out tonight, as I have some friends in town for dinner.  I won't be missing many games this year, but I feel like I can get a way with an exhibition game without feeling like I missed a lot.  I'll be recording it and watching it after I get back.

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.  Type 'em if you've got em.