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SEC Power Poll -- Week 13

Yes, I am behind.  Way behind.

But I will keep plugging along under the theory that late is better than never.  And to that end, I present my final (or perhaps, next to final, I'm not quite sure) SEC Power poll ballot, as well as the usual link to Garnet and Black Attack, who maintains the aggregate poll.

This week, we find our beloved Wildcats sinking to #8 on my ballot, exactly where they are in the SEC standings.  Why do I rank them here?  Well, because they simply failed to deliver in the last half of the season, and ended the regular season on a down note.  Yes, the battle for the Beer Barrel (despite the fact that the Beer Barrel actually stopped being swapped in 1999 due to a DUI crash that claimed the lives of two UK players), as noble as it was, ultimately ended in yet another loss.  Great game, not so great result.

So as UK waits for the inevitable invitation to a bowl, we are left to wonder where they would have been had they played better at Georgia and in the first half last Saturday.  I figure they could have finished a legitimate fourth, and arguably third.  Probably fourth, though, because, well, Florida has been there before, and Kentucky really hasn't in about 30 years.


Team Rank Comments
LSU (W) 1 3 running backs with over 80 yards each, and D-Mac with 200+. What defense?
Georgia (E) 2 Whipped their in-state rivals and got Gailey fired. Not a bad day's work.
Florida (E) 3 Ate a cupcake. Tebow padded his Heisman credentials
Tennessee (E) 4 Got it done in overtime against the Cats.
Auburn (W) 5 Tubby showed 'Bama you can't buy the Iron Bowl with $4 million.
Arkansas (W) 6 This team needs more than a psychiatrist. It needs an exorcist.
Mississippi State (W) 7 Croom had better hire some security. Ed O. is acomindagitim from the unemployment line.
Kentucky (E) 8 Losing 4 out of your last 5 is not the way to impress the bowl committees.
South Carolina (E) 9 Lost to a bitter rival. Sackcloth and ashes for Spurrier.
Alabama (W) 10 Saban should have sacrificed that live chicken to Jobu, after all.
Vanderbilt (E) 11 These guys should really try to schedule out of conference foes they can actually beat.
Mississippi (W) 12 Lost a game they should have won, and got to see Croom run around the stadium with an MSU flag, while Orgeron typed his resumé. What, no pumps?

Overall comments: The SEC is looking way weaker now than they did earlier. Looks like we ain't so tuff after all.