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Texas Southern University at Kentucky -- Open Game Thread

This is the official Open Game Thread for Texas Southern University at Kentucky.

It has been a difficult day already for Wildcat fans.  The football team lost a 4-overtime thriller to Tennessee in a game we had several opportunities to win.  We finish the season on an ugly two game losing streak and lost four of our last 5.

But we must move on to basketball, and tonight brings the badly injured and undermanned Texas Southern University.  See my analysis below for details, I am fatigued from typing so much into the computer in one day.  Thank God football season is over for awhile, covering both is a daunting task.

Here's what I would like to see tonight:

  • Another game that Ramel Bradley can be proud of.
  • Consistency from our young players.
  • Another AJ Stewart surprise.
  • More scoring from Alex Legion.

Let's do the work, Wildcats, and show some consistent effort.  We have a long way to go.

Got comments?  Post 'em.