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SEC Power Poll -- Week 12

The time has come again for my SEC Power Poll ballot.  The aggregate results for all these can be found at Garnet and Black Attack, as usual.

This week, Florida was eliminated as a competitor for the SEC East championship and a trip to Atlanta for a date with LSU.  Sorry, Gates, we would have loved to help your cause.

Georgia has done all it can.  It is now up to UK and Tennessee.  If UK wins, Georgia goes to Atlanta.  If UT does, Tennessee is headed south.

The standings haven't changed too much on my ballot from last week except down in the lower half.  Alabama embarrassed itself and the entire SEC by losing to Louisiana-Monroe at home on senior day.  That is one of the worse losses I can ever remember for that proud program, and it is a stain on our conference and their heritage.  This isn't like UK's loss to G-W -- that was embarrassing, but it was only the second game of the season breaking in a new coach with significant injuries.  Alabama is breaking in a new coach as well, but it is near the end of the season.  You would think Saban would have had more bugs worked out than that, but there you go.

Now that I have bashed 'Bama a bit, I will remind anyone who has forgotten that the Iron Bowl (Alabama at Auburn) is this weekend.  No matter what these two team's records are, this is one of the great rivalries in all of college football.  If  you have the chance, you should really watch it.  Alabama aught to be mad as heck, and there is just no telling what will happen.

Below is my ballot for the SEC power poll for week 12.  Your comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.

Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 11/19/2007 Surrendered almost 500 yards to ... Ole Miss!?! Play that game against Kansas in the BCS, and we'll see lots of records fall.
Georgia (E) 2 11/19/2007 Did just enough to beat the Cats. Will Kentucky punch the Dawgs' ticket to Atlanta next week?
Florida (E) 3 11/19/2007 Blew out The Pipe. If they could only learn to win consistently away from Gainsville.
Tennessee (E) 4 11/19/2007 Lincoln pulled Fulmer's fat out of the fire. Will Kentucky cut some of it?
Auburn (W) 5 11/19/2007 Off this week.
Kentucky (E) 6 11/19/2007 Who was UK's quarterback, and what did they do with André Woodson?
Arkansas (W) 7 11/19/2007 The team is a reflection of its leadership - utterly schizophrenic.
Mississippi State (W) 8 11/19/2007 When Casey Dick throws four touchdowns against you, you are either snakebitten or badly broken.
South Carolina (E) 9 11/19/2007 Week off for Spurrier to step back from the ledge.
Alabama (W) 10 11/19/2007 Mike Shula lost to a MAC team, and now Saban loses to a CUSA team? Doesn't seem like much of an upgrade for $2 million extra a year.
Vanderbilt (E) 11 11/19/2007 Came up dry in Knoxville at the last second. One last chance for a bowl invite, and their chances look better with Alabama crashing and burning in Tuscaloosa.
Mississippi (W) 12 11/19/2007 So happy after hanging big offensive numbers on the Tigers, they commenced to stealing stuff from hotels. You would have thought they won the game. You would have been wrong.

Overall comments: The Pac 10 is laughing at the SEC after Alabama's surrender. Will they continue to suck in the Iron Bowl?