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Georgia bloggers have thoughts ...

Before we get to the game thread later today, I thought I would take a quick look around the Blogosphere to see what the Dawg blawgs are saying.

First, of course, is SB Nation's own MaconDawg at Dawg Sports.  MD has a couple of posts up relative to Kentucky, the first one being a look at five things   that will impact the game today.

The second post from MaconDawg is my favorite -- Cocktail Thursday.  You can usually tell something about the quality of a man by his taste in alcohol, and if I knew nothing else about MD, the mere fact that he recommends celebrating this game with Woodford Reserve is enough.  Mmmm, Woodford ....

Doug at Hey Jenny Slater knows that when you talk about Kentucky, invoking Ashley Judd is a sure crowd-pleaser no matter which side you're on.  But he also talks a little football, as Georgia blogs are wont to do:

So let's dismiss any idea that this is going to be a blowout simply because Georgia wants revenge for last year. Gone are the days when anyone could enter this game counting on Kentucky to submit to their will and be content to lose by only three touchdowns; Rich Brooks and his team have bent several teams to their whims over the course of this season, and they've still got motivation to do so as long as pride and a New Year's bowl berth remain on the horizon.

The Hunker Down Dawg Blawg thinks all the Bulldogs have to do is run the ball as well as Vanderbilt.  Make no mistake -- if Georgia does run the ball that well, Kentucky is very likely to lose.  Keeping the defense on the field like Vandy did will get you a lot of wins in the SEC.

The Bulldawg Blawg (cain't nobody spel these daze?) reminds us that this has the markings of a trap game.  Despised rival Georgia Tech looms next week, and you know some of these Georgia boys are thinking about how much they would love to maul the Yellowjackets.

Senator Blutarsky of Get the Picture has some advice for the Dawgs, even though they don't need it:
I mean, what do you want to start with - Georgia needs to come in focused? I think they've got that one figured out in Athens. Remember the goal posts coming down in Lexington?

Trust me, they've been told. Georgia needs to establish the run? Sure, Bobo needs my advice on that front. Stafford needs to avoid throwing INTs from his one yard line and UK's two?

OK, that one's not bad.

Finally, the Dawg-gone Blog thinks he knows how this one will go:
I say UGA busts out to an early lead, only to ease up some and possibly lose a turnover or two to let UK get a couple of scores on the board. However, the crowd and the fans all know what's at stake and they won't let the players get down. I don't see this being our best day of football, but I don't see this being a repeat of UT from earlier this year. Past this game, there's nothing more to focus on except beating the hell out of the Jackets. Everything else will fall into place in the SEC race. We just have to take care of our business first. Like I said, I think we struggle some, but not too badly. It's just tough to recreate the same kind of hype and energy after last week's game.
Obviously, Cat fans hope it goes a little different.  If Kentucky's defense actually gives us an LSU-type effort, I think we have a chance to ruin any hopes of an Atlanta trip for the Dawgs.

We shall see.