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Kentucky at Georgia: Open Game Thread

This is the official A Sea of Blue open game thread for the Kentucky at Georgia game.

It's time for the Cats to head down to Athens and try to beat the Dawgs between the hedges.

Kentucky got Georgia last year in Commonwealth Stadium, and unpleasantly surprised Bulldog fans by winning a close game.  This year, the Dawgs come in ranked #8 in the country and need a victory over the Wildcats to cement a BCS bowl.  The Cats, on the other hand, would earn a great deal of national respect by beating Georgia, and spoil the Bulldog's chances at a trip to Atlanta for the SEC championship game.  The more games we win from here on out, the better our chance of playing in January.

This will be a very tough game for Kentucky.  They will need to bring more than they brought at Vanderbilt, or the Cats could be facing their worst loss this year.

Tru's key's to the game:

  • Run the football -- Woodson's health depends on this.
  • Keep Knowshon Moreno from having a huge game -- Kentucky's depth on defense has been a problem all year, and great running backs can really hurt us by keeping the defense on the field.  Matthew Stafford is one of the better quarterbacks we have faced all year, and if he is facing 2nd and three all day, he is going to be able to throw the ball down field.
  • Stay focused -- Georgia is a tough place to play, and the Bulldog fans will by loud and raucous.  Woodson needs to keep his composure, and the line needs to give him some time.
  • Stay close in the first half -- If we are within a touchdown at the half, I like our chances.  Kentucky virtually always plays better in the second half.

This is a tough game in a tough place.  The Cats will have to deliver an LSU-like performance to beat the Dawgs in their own dog pound.

Go, Cats!