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OPEN SHOT: Injuries and reports of injuries

Update [2007-11-14 15:7:13 by JL Blue]: Chris Singleton picks ... "The University of ... Florida State."

I guess we can assume he means Florida State University.

Good luck, kid. I'm sure playing alongside other second-round picks will turn you into the player you want to be.

And yes, that's sour grapes you are reading. Sue me.

... Everyone by now has heard the report that Jodie Meeks has some kind of groin injury, and reports around the Internet have him out for 4-6 weeks.

In addition, there is a report that Ramel Bradley has some kind of a foot problem.  Details of these reported injuries have not yet been confirmed by UK.

Added that to the injured Derrick Jasper, the supposedly healthy but still tentative Jared Carter, and the Kentucky Wildcats are getting very, very thin everywhere.  Obviously, we can hope that we'll have some improvement in our injury situation soon, or get reports that some are not as bad as feared, but I can sense the BBN is on edge right now.

Take out your frustrations in this thread.  Time for a little Big Blue Nation support group here. :-)

Update [2007-11-14 13:25:43 by JL Blue]: Tipton gets through to Mr. Meeks, who confirms his son's injury. Where for art thou, Kerry Benson?!

Update [2007-11-14 16:24:57 by Truzenzuzex]:  Still no definitive word on Bradley's status.  WHAS in Louisville reported 30 minutes ago that UK said Andy Katz's ESPN report was not accurate and that Bradley went full speed both Monday and Tuesday.

Update [2007-11-14 17:0:39 by Truzenzuzex]:  Both DeAndre Liggins and Darius Miller have signed NLOI's.

There is still more news today that I'll throw out there for discussion.  Mike DeCourcy is reporting on The Sporting News that the Gazelle Group, those who brought us the 2K Classic, will put on a third post-season basketball tournament called the CBI.  Do we need this?  Discuss.

Scotty Hopson speaks to the Clarion-Ledger's Kyle Veazey.  Veeerrrry Interesting...