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SEC Power Poll -- Week 10

The time has come again for my SEC Power Poll ballot.  The aggregate results for all these can be found at Garnet and Black Attack.

Things appear to be firming up, as they should at this point.

First, the East.  The only way Florida wins is if we beat both Georgia and Tennessee.  Therefore we are seeing lots of sucking up from the Gator faithful.  Nothing wrong with a little sucking up, I am kind of enjoying that, and I don't even take offense at the obvious fact that their UK love is, how shall I say it ... highly situational.  Most probably it will turn back to loathing very soon.

If Georgia beats us, they still need us to beat Tennessee, otherwise UT wins.  So even if the Gators go back to spewing reptilian bile at us, we can count on some Bulldog love if we lose in Athens.  See how this whole thing works?  But under no circumstances do we get love from the Vols -- which is just as it should be.

The bottom line, though, is that there is no scenario in which Kentucky goes to Atlanta.  Not that we had our hearts set on it, anyway,

In the West, LSU is in the drivers seat and would have to throw in the biggest clunker of the year to lose to Ole Miss, even down there.  But Arkansas in week 12 is just a little bit more of a threat, especially when you bring an offense capable of running up giant numbers on the defensively challenged.  Fortunately for LSU, the words "defensively challenged" do not apply to them.

Here is my ballot.  Your comments are welcome and encouraged as usual.

Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 11/12/2007 Eat a cupcake, go to the head of the class nationally. Not a bad gig.
Georgia (E) 2 11/12/2007 The Dawgs are looking good, but Tennessee owns the rights to Atlanta for now.
Florida (E) 3 11/12/2007 "O yes they call him Mr. Touchdown, O yes they call him Mr. T"
Tennessee (E) 4 11/12/2007 Skewered a hog on Rocky Top. Only team in the East controlling its own destiny.
Auburn (W) 5 11/12/2007 Brandon Cox is puking up that green stuff again. Somebody get an exorcist.
Kentucky (E) 6 11/12/2007 Escaped a determined Commodore team. Will the Dawgs overlook them for Georgia Tech?
Mississippi State (W) 7 11/12/2007 The Volkswagen outruns the Maserati.
Alabama (W) 8 11/12/2007 The bloom is officially off Saban's rose, but I'll bet his hindparts are red.
Arkansas (W) 9 11/12/2007 Fulmer: "Mmmm, nothing burps like bacon!"
South Carolina (E) 10 11/12/2007 Tebowed. I wonder if the Gamecock defense could stop Florida if they let them play 13 instead of just 11?
Vanderbilt (E) 11 11/12/2007 Two dry trips into the red zone by a scoring-challenged team is never a recipe for success.
Mississippi (W) 12 11/12/2007 Did not play.

Overall comments: Is Georgia for real? Is up yet?