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A Definitive Statement about Upsets

I know some of you don't want to think about basketball right now -- isn't that weird? -- but I love to point out times when absurdity by the sports media is well-countered.

Remember how the national sports media went bonkers over over our team's loss to Gardner-Webb? Remember how some of them claimed that the loss was comparable to the Michigan-Appalachian State football game? Forde said that the Wildcat loss "performance more worthy of booing than Michigan's unprecedented pratfall in September." Forde all but stamps "Worst. Loss. Ever." on the game.

Today's Allenby For Heisman! column at Loge Level mentions how quickly the Wildcats' performance was bested two days later by Mercer's drubbing of #18 USC -- a higher preseason favorite beaten by a team in same conference as Gardner-Webb and had the roughly the same record last year. You can read more about this week's accomplishments of the powerful Atlantic Sun Conference on AOL FanHouse.

I think Forde's attempt to tie UK's loss to the YEAR OF THE UPSETTM (© 2007 ESPN/ABC Sports) was a bit of a stretch. But I appreciate A4H! pointing out that in college basketball, big-time upsets happen all the time. A program with our history has to have a well-marked path of tripping up, just like any other program. On upsets page I counted 140 times where Kentucky was upset by a non-ranked team. And that's comforting; well, as comforting as laying on a thousand-thread-count sheet placed on a cold hospital floor.

Update [2007-11-13 21:24:2 by TheFakeGimelMartinez]: Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right.