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OPEN SHOT: Sunday Silence

What's on your mind, Big Blue Nation?

Personally, the whole Gardner-Webb disaster puts a real damper on my week. For starters, I was supposed to go see my beloved Cats for the first time in years this week.

But now I'm seeing the upstart darlings who stomped them instead. Awesome!

It also means I'm stuck refreshing UK info sites only to find more fans picking sides in some manufactured fight. This week's is "Tubby is to blame...discuss."

I'm not sure the UK fanbase has enough to worry about without creating internal drama. It's nothing new, of course. Kentucky was one of the worst brother-v.-brother states of the Civil War. I think there's something in the water ... or the bourbon.

At any rate, I'm all for UK football winning more. But forgive me if I spend a little more time scrounging for positive scraps of UK hoops than I do reading about a tense game on grass against Vanderbilt.