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Pikeville College at Kentucky: Open Game Thread

This is the official ASoB Open Game Thread for Pikeville College at Kentucky.

We won't be expecting too much out of this game, either from the Cats or from the Bears, but this is the very first look we will have at the Wildcats in competition.  I can't really give you a breakdown of what we need to do against this team -- I just don't know enough about them.  But they are an NAIA team, so I don't think they will offer too much resistance.

What I would like to see is good fundamentals out of the Cats, and solid hustle.  I expect we will, because I think Gillispie will be looking much more closely at effort and aggression than style and skill.  We will be missing Derrick Jasper this game, and even though Gillispie suggested that Carter would play, I don't expect too much out of him.

Word is that Joe Crawford and Patrick Patterson will come off the bench for this game, Patterson due to missed practices because of his URI, and Crawford reportedly due to conditioning issues related to his knee surgery.  I will be watching the body language of Joe Crawford very closely this game -- I think a lot can be learned there.  Reports have filtered in the Gillispie isn't happy with Crawford's effort so far, and we all know Joe has a tendency to pout if he doesn't get his way.  Let's see if his senior maturity gives him the ability to lead when he can, and to follow when he must.

I'm very excited to get a look at Ramon Harris.  I just haven't seen enough of him, and the reports are that he is performing well.  I can't wait to see.

I am also very interested to see how Ramel Bradley's newfound maturity is working for him.  Gillilspie is reportedly pleased, but I want to see for myself.

Perry Stevenson will be another one that I keep my eye on today -- I want to see if he is ready to assume a critical role on this team this year.  We need his athleticism badly.

I know what to expect from Patterson, I have seen him play many times.  He will bring astonishing intensity for such a young man, and while he may not dominate, he will be a presence that nobody can ignore.

It's basketball season, Wildcat fans.  The best time of the year is here.  Let's enjoy it!

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.  Type 'em if you've got em.