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Kentucky vs. Pikeville College (exhibition)

For exhibitions, I will just be doing a short rundown of the schools that we will play, with most of the data coming from their website.  When we get into the regular season, I will have a much more in-depth look at statistics and analyze the game.  For exhibitions, this is not only futile, but darn near impossible.

So who the heck is Pikeville College?

About the school

Head Coach:  Kelly Wells

Conference affiliation:  Mid-South (NAIA)

2006-2007 overall statistics (follow the link for the rest)
                                      THE STAT CREW SYSTEM
            Pikeville College Season Schedule/Results & Leaders (as of Feb 17, 2007)
                                           All games

 RECORD:                OVERALL      HOME        AWAY       NEUTRAL
 ALL GAMES...........   (12-16)     (10-4)      (1-11)      (1-1)
 CONFERENCE..........   (3-5)       (2-2)       (1-3)       (0-0)
 NON-CONFERENCE......   (9-11)      (8-2)       (0-8)       (1-1)

2007-2008 schedule

About the team

Pikeville college has a fairly tall team as NAIA schools go, including 6'10" senior Jeff Ferguson, 6'8" freshman Samuel Stephens, and numerous 6'7" players.  Pikeville was significantly improved over their 2005-2006 effort last year.  Pikeville brings in a lot of new faces this year, returning only 3 players from the 2006-07 squad.  It is therefore very difficult to know much about how they are likely to perform.

Notable players

The leading returning scorer on the team is 6'7" 205# Bo Harris at 18.3/game.  Harris shot 53% from the field and shoots a good pecentage from 3, (44%) but he doesn't take many.  Harris only shoots about 60% from the line, but is the team's leading rebounder, averaging 9.2/contest last year along with 2.1 steals and 2.1 blocks.