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SEC Power Poll -- Week 9

The time has come for my SEC Power Poll ballot.  The results for all these can be found, as usual, at Garnet and Black Attack.

Well, after a shocking (and pollwise, devastating) loss to Sly Croom and his crew from Mississippi State, we find ourselves once again among the lower middle class of the SEC.  Long time Kentucky observers will argue that this is probably better than we deserve, but I would dispute that -- I think we could legitimately be as high as sixth, and historical biases (even from UK fans like myself) are partially responsible for the huge slide.

Still, you don't lose to one of the lightly regarded teams in the SEC without taking a strong hit, and that's the way it goes.  Kentucky dropped out of the AP top 25, although not by much, and a victory at Vandy two weeks from last Saturday may well put us right back in there.

Frankly, I have enjoyed the praise and respect we have earned, and then somewhat unearned, during this season.  We still have three games to go, including opportunities to excel at division leaders Georgia and Tennessee (I find myself furrowing my brow a bit at that, but ...).

Anyway, here is the ballot.  Comment or criticize to your heart's content.

Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 10/29/2007 Off week. No reason to move them down.
Auburn (W) 2 10/29/2007 Won ugly at home. This is a different team every week.
Georgia (E) 3 10/29/2007 Punched Gator's ticket pretty good, and angered Meyer as well. Is Richt the new evil genius?
Alabama (W) 4 10/29/2007 Bye week. Resting up for the Tigers, and what a game that will be.
Tennessee (E) 5 10/29/2007 What a difference a week makes. Gotta like their chances with three out of their next four at home.
Florida (E) 6 10/29/2007 Hoist on their own bye-week petard.
Kentucky (E) 7 10/29/2007 Croomed. Sent back to the minors.
South Carolina (E) 8 10/29/2007 Rocky Top is a tough place to win, but the Visor's now lost two in a row to Tennessee teams. That's gotta leave a mark.
Arkansas (W) 9 10/29/2007 Padded their record with a big, fat cupcake.
Mississippi State (W) 10 10/29/2007 Lame Wildcats + Motivated Bulldogs = Beat down in Lexington.
Vanderbilt (E) 11 10/29/2007 I don't think this game went the way Vandy would have liked, but they're creeping up on a bowl.
Mississippi (W) 12 10/29/2007 Seems like every time they play they give a good effort that just isn't good enough.

Overall comments: This league is eating its own.