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Some big site news

It is, and always has been, the intention of JL Blue and myself to continue to add value to A Sea of Blue for our members and readers.  Continuous improvement is what we are always striving for, and delivering the best in Kentucky Wildcats opinion and coverage for the Big Blue Nation is our unswerving objective.

Toward this purpose, it is our pleasure to welcome the Fake Gimel Martinez, who will be joining us here at A Sea of Blue.  You know him here as GimelMartinez TheFakeGimelMartinez here, but he is the same guy.  GM has created and maintained several blogs well known to the Wildcat Faithful, such as, and  GM is an outstanding writer and will help us continue our tradition of bringing you "Kentucky sports for the discerning fan."

I think GM will add a great deal of value to A Sea of Blue, and I know you will all make him welcome.  Also, you can expect to see more out of JL fairly soon, as his opportunities to contribute should be increasing just in time for what I am sure is the favorite time of year for most of the Big Blue Nation -- basketball season.

So please join me in welcoming GimelMartinez to A Sea of Blue.  With him on board, you can expect even better content and a different point of view.  And as always, thanks to all of our members and readers for making A Sea of Blue part of your Wildcat experience.