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SEC Power Poll -- Week 8

It's Monday, and that means it's time for the SEC Power Poll.  Here is my ballot for the SEC Power Poll for Week 8.  As usual, you can find the aggregated results at Garnet and Black Attack when he posts the final poll tomorrow.

Kentucky dropped a bit, as they should, but I won't drop them much, because they have won one and lost two to the class of the conference.  South Carolina had a really bad loss at home to Vanderbilt, and that has to hurt them more than losing to Florida hurts the Cats.

So where do we find ourselves overall?  Well, it seems to me like the cream is starting to rise to the top, namely LSU, who defeated a very game and impressive Auburn team this weekend in Death Valley, and Florida, who handled the Wildcats in Commonwealth Stadium.  Anyone who didn't see the LSU game missed a classic. 

Alabama is starting to show signs of life, but I am still skeptical of them.  Tennessee got creamed by Floria, and Alabama creamed Tennessee, who beat Georgia.  I don't know what to make of it all, but we should have a much better feel for how the league is likely to go after the coming week, when UT heads down to Columbia to try to recover from the thumping they took at the hands of Satan Saban and his Crimson Tide. 

If ever a quality team was made for the Volunteers to get well on, it is the Gamecocks with their unfortunate offense -- at least UT will have a chance to outscore them.  Auburn is looking very dangerous in the West, I'm glad we don't have to play them.  The Iron Bowl is going to be special this year, no doubt about it.

I still feel like UK has a great chance to win out, even though we have to go down to Athens to take on the Dawgs between the hedges.  Tennessee looks extremely vulnerable on defense, and their offense is less impressive than you would think given their weapons.  So if Kentucky can take care of business for homecoming with Mississippi State, the Cats can lick our wounds in the bye week and prepare for a spectacular finish.

As usual, critique away!
Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 10/22/2007 I heard Les Miles is buying a dump truck to haul his testicles to games. A wheelbarrow just won't do it anymore.
Florida (E) 2 10/22/2007 Impressive victory in a hostile environment. Too much speed, talent and Tebow for Kentucky.
Kentucky (E) 3 10/22/2007 We know now they are for real. Can they continue to win after a tough loss to the Gators?
Auburn (W) 4 10/22/2007 After the showing against LSU, they can no longer be ignored.
South Carolina (E) 5 10/22/2007 Seems Darth Visor forgot to bring his Schwatrz to the game. Not only that, Spurrier may be the only quarterback on this team.
Alabama (W) 6 10/22/2007 The Third Saturday in Tidetober. What a smackdown! Tennessee's defense made JPW look like a Heisman contender.
Georgia (E) 7 10/22/2007 Game off. Rested against a dinged-up Florida next week. Could the trend of post bye-week victories in the SEC continue?
Arkansas (W) 8 10/22/2007 Casey Dick threw 3 touchdown passes. Read that again, I don't believe it either.
Vanderbilt (E) 9 10/22/2007 Earl Bennett gets the football 2 times and the Commodores win anyway, in Columbia. Give 'em credit for getting it done against the OBC.
Tennessee (E) 10 10/22/2007 [Computerized voice:] "Thank you for pressing the self-destruct button."
Mississippi State (W) 11 10/22/2007 Mississippi State just didn't have the skill or speed to compete with the 'Eers.
Mississippi (W) 12 10/22/2007 After the beat-down at home by Arkansas, their reward is to play the resurgent Auburn Tigers in Jordan-Hare.

Overall comments: The cream is rising to the top. Will it continue, or will it revert to strangeness?