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Kentucky fans: Finding new ways to blow my mind

Well, everyone who reads this blog regularly must have observed my most recent reproof of Kentucky fans for running onto the field in violation of the SEC rule against it and subsequently costing UK $50,000 for a "second and subsequent" violation of the rule.

Well, Mitch Barnhart was quoted today in The Cats Pause that several fans sent in money to offset the fine.  It wasn't much, but I must say I'm tickled to death with the people who did that.  I know I called for it in my missive below, but it does my heart good to see that some people out there, however small it may be, recognize what happened and at least made a gesture in the right direction.

It really is wonderful, and I'd like to give a hearty "Kudos to you" to all that made the attempt.  Classy.

(Note:  I don't normally disclose premium TCP content, but in this particular case, I'm sure they won't mind.)