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Florida at Kentucky: The Roundabout, and More!

Okay, Kentucky football fans, it's time to start talking Florida at Kentucky.  Just so you'll know what's coming for this game, here is what I have planned:

  • Tomorrow:  Blogswap with Saurian Sagacity, a Florida Gator blog.  How this works is this:  He will write a post for A Sea of Blue, and I will write one for Saurian Sagacity.  We will both post them tomorrow in the morning and leave them up all day.

    Please feel free to contribute, and return smack with smack if it exists, but remember -- as well as upholding the honor of our university, we need to demonstrate that we have class, so keep everything PG-13 as usual and have fun with it.  This is a friendly arrangement to diversify our fan bases, drive traffic to each other and hopefully promote good will and a nice, competitive spirit.

  • Friday:  My usual pre-game analysis and several other threads.  This is a huge game, and I will be all over the news, so be sure to watch the ticker for updates.

  • Saturday:  Gameday thread early with the usual open game thread.

  • Late Saturday or early Sunday, depending on my mood/domestic situation:  Post game analysis.

Whew.  That sounds like a lot.  Dear God, what have I let myself in for?

OK, a couple of real interesting things from the news if you haven't had time to look through it.  First off, the UK-LSU game will be replayed this Friday night at 10:00 PM.  Visit Wildcats Thunder for details.

Rich Barnhart is doing his best to undermine the SEC's rule against storming the football field after games.  Not Mitch's finest hour, in my opinion, but if you want to revisit that issue with me, there is a thread down below.

Year2 has some early analysis of the UK-Kentucky game which you should read and critique below.  The Heisman Pundit, after pronouncing André Woodson out of the Heisman race after the South Carolina game, pronounces him viable only if we win out and win the SEC title game. 

That seems improbable, but it also seems to me more than he needs to be strongly considered.  If we win the SEC East and manage a BCS bowl game, I would say his chances of winning are very good indeed.  Certainly not overwhelming, but very good.  I really don't agree with this guy, though, who claims Woodson is a lock if we win the Florida game (via The Big Lead ).  More Woodson for Heisman links atJohn Clay's blog.

That's all for now.  Gotta get that Saurian Sagacity post written, and an hour seems almost too little time ...