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SEC Power Poll -- Week 7

Once again, it's that time of the week.  Here is my version of the SEC Power Poll for Week 7.  As usual, you can find the aggregated results at Garnet and Black Attack.

Kentucky, in my estimation, has earned its position at #2 for now.  I don't really believe the Cats are the second best football team in the SEC, but when you beat #1, you deserve to move up, and there just wasn't anyplace else I thought made sense. If they beat Florida (a mighty big if, in my opinion), they are surely going to wind up at #1 on my ballot, regardless of what South Carolina does at Vanderbilt.  At some point, you just have to face reality, no matter how improbable.

It's truly amazing to think that Alabama and Tennessee still control their own destiny.  It's sick, I know, but it is what it is.  Kentucky, on the other hand, must win out in all probability to get to the championship game.  With two losses, the Gators may not get to the national championship game, but both their losses have come from Western teams, so they are in reasonable position to face the winner of the West, in all probability LSU.  But UK has a chance to spoil all that on Saturday.

So here we are.  Critique away!

Team Rank Date Comments
South Carolina (E) 1 10/15/2007 Are they better than UK? I don't know, but they beat them. That's enough for now.
Kentucky (E) 2 10/15/2007 The Tigers are still picking teeth out of their chinstraps. The chainsaw needs a new chain.
LSU (W) 3 10/15/2007 They need some of that "Ninja Warrior" spray for their receiver's hands.
Florida (E) 4 10/15/2007 Week off. Sissies.
Auburn (W) 5 10/15/2007 Yeah, they beat the Hogs, but who hasn't? Average net gain on offense - 3.8 yards, or roughly twice the diameter of Tubberville's ears.
Tennessee (E) 6 10/15/2007 Still a coin flip between whether the Vols are just so-so or MSU is better than usual. There's just way to much satisfaction in Knoxville over beating MSU to make me sanguine about the Vol's chances
Georgia (E) 7 10/15/2007 Time of possession: UGA 29:1, Vandy 30:59. All you need to know. At least the Dawgs aren't happy about it.
Alabama (W) 8 10/15/2007 A gift on a bad call. Can it be true that this team still controls it's own destiny?
Mississippi State (W) 9 10/15/2007 The headline says "Croom looking ahead". That's because when he looks behind, all he sees is the abyss.
Arkansas (W) 10 10/15/2007 Suckage, pure and simple. McFadden will not win, the Hogs will not win, and Nutt will not pass go.
Vanderbilt (E) 11 10/15/2007 They are looking like the Vanderbilt of old. If they only had a quarterback who could get the ball to Bennett, they might win a game or two.
Mississippi (W) 12 10/15/2007 Got robbed, but throwing bottles and red spike heels is not impressing anyone.
Overall comments: What a friggin' mess. I can tell you who the worst teams are, but not the best.