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Basketball recruiting update: Terrance Jennings to the Cards

I really hate to throw cold water on our football bliss, but I must.

It seems that coveted basketball big man Terrance Jennings has committed to Louisville on the eve of our biggest triumph in football in recent history.  For those of you who follow recruiting, you know that Jennings was heavily recruited by Kentucky and recently de-committed from Maryland.

Quite frankly, this is a big disappointment to me, and cause for some angst.  Louisville has already put together an awesome recruiting class this year for 2008, probably the best in the nation.  Pitino is out-recruiting us big time at the moment, and even though I expect that to change as potential recruits see the new-look Wildcats, you have to give him credit for making hay while the sun shines.

In other recruiting news, Greg Monroe, #1 prospect in the 2008 class, picked Georgetown. Looks like John Thompson III is reloading up there.  I never thought he would land here, though, so I can't say that this one bothered me much.